Nancy Dall

Nancy Dall

Founder and CEO

Executive Talent Partners CEO and Founder Nancy Dall has over 25 years of experience in human resources and talent acquisition. She has worked with companies both large and small to implement hiring strategies for growth and expansion, and also built a network capable of supporting the executive searches within multi-billion dollar corporations.

Nancy is a results-oriented leader with an impressive track record of thinking and acting with the clients’ goals in mind. Her work is guided by your business strategy, your culture and your unique needs. She has worked in multiple industries, including healthcare, financial services, transportation, and manufacturing.

Nancy’s passion for helping others achieve their dreams and goals is a passion that fuels her as she develops and coaches top talent for established and emerging growth companies. Her insightful, personalized approached and straightforward communication style builds rapport and trust with client from all levels in the organization as well as with potential candidates.

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